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An oncoming, unattentive motorist just took off my rearview mirrow at speed! Luckily, no other damage..

But some questions arise...and I will put them here since I am far from any dealers [not even in this country - Bosnia - I'm here in diplomatic status]

Since the mirror body was destroyed, but the "pedestal" left intact [to which the mirror body is bolted], do I need to replace even the pedestal than is attached to the door? Is the electrical connection buried deep in the door and so must I remove the interior door panel?

If there are used parts available, are these mirrors exclusive to the Forester 2005 models? Did all of them have heating, or just the XT?

Any other advice?

Thanks for all your help,


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The outside rear mirror(s) are simple self-enclosed units with the mounts as part of the mirrors. 2003-2005 mirrors are identical. 2006 models had different mirrors.

They unbolt from the INSIDE of the car. Pop the plastic covers off from the doors with a screwdriver, exposing the attachment bolts and wiring harness. Simply unplug the old mirror harness (movement and heat), unbolt the triangular base and remove the mirror.

Reverse for the install. All XS and XT cars had the mirror heater. Only the X did not.

If your car came with OEM tweeters, they come out first before unbolting the mirror mounts.

Hope this careful out there...


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A word of advice - take your time with the screws that hold the mirror on the car (after you take out the tweeter). I stripped one pretty easily. the screws are very soft metal. If i remember correctly, I took the door panel off cuz the wire reaches pretty far in. also buy from subiegal! I unfortunately bought the part from the dealer (before I knew of her site) for $245 and I could have saved a TON of money by going through her.
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