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Drive Auto Sports? (Woodinville, WA)

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Has anyone had any experience with Drive for tuning/mods/setup recently? This place is pretty close to my house, although I do take my car to PIA in Lakewood if I have any big modifications. Wondering if I should stay with PIA exclusively or give these guys a shot...Thanks in advance!
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We're in Bellevue, so let us know how it goes if you visit them!
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@trippg They are the sister shop to All Wheel Auto in Kirkland, although I think they moved the Woodenville location to Everett now.
I've always taken all of my Subarus to AWD Auto in Kirkland for non-performance related stuff and trust them over any other shop locally. I haven't had any experience with Drive Auto Sports yet, but given their association with AWD, I would give them a shot. PIA on the other hand is kind of the gold standard - they've been around forever, but Lakewood isn't the most convenient for us north enders.
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