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When: Tuesday 10.27.09, leaving LB meet spot to go to location at 8:30pm
Where: Our usual meet location on Bellflower (and then shot location)
Why: Because this is long overdue!

Lets get a roll call so the photographer knows how many cars he will be working with. I'm going to scout some locations between now and then, maybe khmer and his buddy can too. All LBTM'ers are welcomed to attend!

Rixboy will be bringing a ladder so the photog can get some different angles. Khmer, please ask your boy what else he may need for us to do in order to make this run smoothly.

Wash those cars and lets make this a shoot to remember!

1. beedee | 07 swp wrx
2. 1nastyboi | wrb bugeye
3. norman | aspen white STi
4. rixboy | aspen white bugeye
5. SG02WRX | wrb bugeye
6. mightyrs25 | a very special blue RS
7. thatkhmer | swp 09 wrx
8. jexeffectz | 06 wrx
9. geargrinder | chevy colorado.....wait a sec, lol!
10. suby_05 | will be taking photos
11. nakioki | 06 obp wrx
12. khmer's brother | tw si sedan

Click the link below for more info on the Photoshoot:

LB Meet Photoshoot Tuesday 10/27/09! - NASIOC

MEET: Long Beach every Tuesday Night (7:30 - 10:30)

Starbucks/ Lowes parking lot
2890 N Bellflower Blvd #A-1
Long Beach, California 90815


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I won't know my work schedule until 2morrow....but I'd like to make it for a photo shoot... I'll let you guys know by this weekend....

Ah crap.. I'm back with my 05 XS
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Have fun at this. Don't think I can make it out. Picture would look weird with one STI seat and one Forester seat anyway.
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