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Anybody out there have experience with this "enclosure" for the rear cargo area?
We have a 4-month-old Wheaten Terrier and leather seats in our 2004 XT so this seems like the way to keep the leather in good shape and the dog from getting in trouble.
Anybody with good news or bad news while using one?


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It's a good item. I had one in my FXT until the puppie got too big to fit over the back seat. Ocne installed for the first time it takes only a couple of seconds to uninstall the major componant so that you can put bigger items in the back.


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Yep, Dog + Leather = $$$$

Depending on the country you live in, the dog guard might come with bump-out that's supposed to allow access to the center shoulder belt. Larger dogs will find this a rather annoying. Mine did. A pair of bolt cutters will allow you to make the bump-out flush with the rest of the unit.

If you get it from the dealer, don't let them talk you into letting them install it unless they'll do it for free. All it takes is a screw driver and a few minutes.

Oh yeah, there are 2 models, 1 for cars with moonroofs and 1 for those without.
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