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Does it fit: ‘16+ STI strut tower brace on ‘18 FXT

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hey all: I have an ‘18FXT and heard a ‘16+ STI strut tower bar would fit better and without the dreaded rubbing issues known to happen with aftermarket STB’s. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this? My searches didn’t yield much fruit relevant to my application. I also posted on another Subaru forum but so far no one’s responded. Thanks in advance all!
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Are we talking about the front strut tower bar? You know you can order one made just for your car from Japanparts. It was included with the TS and works quite well. Beatrush is the one to go with for the rear strut tower bar as it's the least intrusive you can do.
Thanks Aggie113 ! I was referring to the front strut tower bar. I saw it on Japanparts also and was just wondering if it might actually be cheaper if I sourced it from Subaru locally for the STI (if it fits), or maybe even from someone that had one they “upgraded”.
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