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You'd have to get them in 17x8 or 18x8 to get a +48 offset.

I was trying to find them to buy, and found a defunct link to There, someone mentioned that his friend paid $2200 Euro for a set, which made me think "Holy crap! $3k (USD) for wheels!!!"

Then I did more searching, and apparently the Tucana is a "cheap" wheel. Only $1804 UAH each. I thought that was a lot, until I found out the conversion rate from UAH to USD. It comes out to like 8UAH for 1USD, so a set of four Tucana's would be right around $900USD. About the cost of some Rotas. Then I saw that the place I found them would only ship within the Ukraine.

Not to give up, I found a place in the UK that sells them. They are 500GBP for a set of four, right around $800USD... And worldwide delivery is free.

I found them here:
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