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I have several questions regarding your coil overs for my vehicle.

I currently own a 2005 Subaru Forester 2.5x

Not being a turbo it isn't a performance vehicle but I did switch the rims from the stock wheels to 11-14 wrx rims with extended lugs and disc brakes in the back. (Mostly cosmetic, but I do enjoy the improved handling)

After the switch to these wider rims and thinner tires, my ride is as expected rougher, but my handling and traction are way better. Since I'm still using stock struts. Recently I've been worried that the rougher ride is going to be hard on the chassis and the engine. So I've been researching upgrading to BC coilovers.

I have several questions:
- Is buying a different set of easily adjustable coilovers an option for me to make the ride smoother, e.g. more like stock?

- Is it being rougher actually hard on the chassis and engine?

- Would getting coilovers or some other part help solve this issue and make the wider rims not as hard on my car's chassis and engine, if it is actually

- can I maintain good handling while fixing the above issues (if that is indeed true)

- What struts would you recommend to achieve the above goals while being aware that this isn't technically a performance vehicle. I do love taking it in the mountains, but it'll sadly never have a turbo. So this is truly a car that doesn't need to have a race car setup, but I'm happy to upgrade to something if it'll actually help make it a better ride

I had my eye on the BR or DE series' BC coilovers, but I know next to nothing about coilovers and the market.

In the q/a on the br series' they said to maintain stock height I'd have to get custom coilovers 1" taller. Whatever I get I do want to match the stock height since I do use this car out in the mountains. Attached are the obligatory pictures

Thanks for any advice and help.


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