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2019 Forester Touring, only 4,500 miles. Twice (that I noticed) while moving in slow traffic the three main displays have gone completely blank. Absolutely black. Tachometer/odometer display blacks out, EyeSight goes black, and the GPS goes black. Lasts for a few seconds (less than 30 seconds) and comes right back up. Sort of like a fast Microsoft three-finger salute (though it would surprise me if the head unit can restart that quickly). Engine continues to run, vehicle handles fine (steering, braking).
Both times I think we had just come off the Interstate, dropped down into slow traffic at a light on the cross street, and had started to move again. Did not seem to be tied to the ACS in any way because we were already moving. Might be associated with the change from high-speed driving to surface streets, so heat might have tripped something somewhere. But everything goes out, and then fairly quickly everything comes back on, so it feels more like someone kicked the cable to the monitor and then plugged it back in again.
Anyone else heard of this happening? (and is "Interior and Electronics" the correct subcategory?)
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