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Cabin lights (in white):
Map lights (stage 1)
Dome light (stage 1)

As far as installing the lights, it was a breeze. Actually getting to the lights wasn't difficult but just annoying. Definitely not as easy to get to as the door lights or trunk light. I went with the stage 1 lights because, maybe it's just me, I think the OEM lights are just too bright. I felt like when I was driving at night that turning on any of the lights just wrecked my vision. I much prefer the brightness of the stage 1 LEDs. If I had to quantify how bright they were I would say they are about half as bright. They are just bright enough that you can see your way around without having to strain, so in my opinion perfect.

Trunk light (stage 2 white):

Stage 2 just isn't bright enough back there. I'd be hard pressed to see much of a difference between the OEM light and the stage 2 LED. I just find myself wanting more. I may end up buying the stage 3 board and trimming to make it fit since I want to keep the look clean.

License plate lights (stage 2 white):

The stage 2 LEDs end up pointing down in a wide angle fashion. It's absolutely perfect in my opinion. Stage 3 on the plate lights would be absolute overkill. Even the stage 2 lights manage to light up the ground around the back of the car quite a bit.

Door lights (stage 2 white):

These look very nice when the door is open. Also matches the approach lighting which is awesome. Stage 3 would be brighter but I don't really see the need.

Side marker/city lights (stage 3 white):

I'm not really impressed with these. Brighter than OEM, sure, but not quite as bright as I was hoping. I absolutely would not get anything less than a stage 3 for these lights. Knowing what the results look like would I still do them? Yes, without a doubt.

Turn signals (stage 3 amber):

Now for the fun one. Total to upgrade to LED and get the replacement relay was nearly $200. End result? Some freaking bright turn signals. The stock ones were bright as is but the LEDs just take it up a level. I joke with my friends that you can see my turn signals from space. These made me want the stage 3 tail lights even more.

Flasher relay:

So this was was a bit interesting. The best way to get to the existing flasher is to remove the small panel between the door and the dashboard to get access to a couple screws. Remove those screws and you can pop off the panel that covers the relays and just under the steering wheel. When you do that you get super easy access to the relay. The relay itself is attached to a plastic piece which is snapped into some metal. Pull the relay down a little and get in there with a flat head screwdriver or anything else you can use to compress the plastic clips that secure it to the metal. Once you do that unplug it from the harness so that you can separate the relay and the mounting clip easier. Then just do everything in reverse with the new relay.

My fiancee says the OEM one sounds "cuter" which I think just means it was a little softer. Either way it works great with the LED turn signals.

All in all, some really great stuff and both my and my fiancee really like how things have turned out. She especially likes the white LEDs over the OEM lights in the cabin.

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I agree completely about Stage 3s for the markers and position lights. Even these could be brighter, especially the side markers.

I put 2s in my turn signals and tail/brake lights and 3s in the backup lights. Based on the backups I can't imagine what 3s in the turns would do to the people behind you, especially at night. Probably a sight to behold! :new_multi:

I put 2s in the map, dome and door lights and a 12-LED board in the trunk. Thankfully, it's in the top on the SH series, where it belongs.

Counting all the interior lights, the conversion to all LED was also about $300, counting a CyberMonday discount and diode points.

Excellent products and superb customer service.
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