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digital cvt oil temperature gauge

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Someone reported in the newsletter installing a digital temperature gauge for monitoring cvt oil temperature among other variables.
Anybody remember it?
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You can do it with a Scangauge II and a little custom X-Gauge configuration.
You can also do it with an Android phone and OBD-II Wifi or Bluetooth gadget. Are you wanting to see the temp out of curiosity or a specific reason?

I use a PLX Kiwi device and Torque Pro app on an older Samsung Galaxy, it works well, sometimes needs a re-pair (pairing the device to OBD-II, not a repair due to damage) or reset but its a good and cheap combo. Spent $100 and can now log min/max temps on a road trip plus other functions. I only set up the temp gauge for road trip and when towing with the car. Passes and steep grades seem to heat things up much more than high ambient temperatures, not what I expected, but good to know.
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