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Just be sure it's the right fitment for the right vehicle, and it'll fit.

There should be no hood-clearance or factory TMIC clearance issues, but there may be engine-cover clearance issues, if your Subaru has an engine cover. This bit of concern tends to vary quite a bit from specific-vehicle to specific-vehicle. Ditto if you've got an aftermarket TMIC setup.

Mine, bought second-hand for just a couple of bucks worth of shipping from another Forumite on, bolted right in, and cleared both my '05 LGT's factory TMIC as well as the engine cover and hood. There are others - whom I trust, BTW :smile: - who reported having some issue or another, too, and it truly seems a random toss.

I didn't purchase one with the intent of having it be a true suspension mod. And to be frank, I don't drive hard enough that I'd feel the difference. :redface: My use for it is to simply hide some of the accessory power lines, etc., that needs to cross my engine-bay. :smile:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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