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Different Color Spoiler

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I have a 2007 FXT Ltd in Crystal Gray Metallic. I have been looking for a matching oem rear spoiler, but it seems my only option is to get one primed or used and have it painted. Has anyone used different colors for trim, like Black or Urban Gray spoiler on Crystal Gray body? Searched photos but haven't seen any. Trying to imagine if it would look ok or goofy. Any thoughts?
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Im not a big fan of Spoliers, but if your going to do it, I would get it done professionally with the same color as the car. Another color would just make iit look bolted on. Best to have it look like it came with the car. You don't want to do anything that might make it harder to sell later on.
The roof rails and cross bars are black and there is black trim around the windows. I am thinking about black or other gray shade for grille, hoodscoop and spoiler. I am in the process of upgrading to VF43 and STI or PW intercooler, so I might need a new scoop anyway to fit. I have an extra grille already thanks to a pheasant on the highway smashing mine. My daughter's 2002 Forester XS has the rear dust shield and it works pretty well, but I dont know if it looks that great. And part of the reason I am debating this is I can get a spoiler already painted in the Urban Gray, but cant find one in the Crystal Gray.
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