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So I decided to do some investigating tonight as my Foz just doesn't accelerate like it used to and has developed a flat spot at around 5k rpm. Pulled off the intake and discovered a nice layer of black crud in the throttle body. No worries, I grab my trusty can of TB cleaner and start spraying. All of a sudden, the red tube on the can nozzle disappeared! Guess where it went? Yep, straight in the intake. So after cleaning the crap in my pants, I assessed the situation and got ready to start pulling my intake off. Amazing how much stuff you have to take off just to get the 8 intake bolts out and free it. Thank God I had a brain storm and decided to take the throttle body off first and see if I can get it out. TB bolts out, needle nose pliers in hand, and YEAH BABY!! Little God forsaken red tube of terror is in the garbage can!

So, am I the only person that this has happened to?
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