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Friday May 20th - Sunday May 22nd, 2016

Here it is. The official 2016 DGM meet thread.

When: May 20-22, 2016
Where: Deal's Gap, Tennessee
Who: All the cool kids
Why: Because we can

This is our 6th year doing the meet and it keeps growing every year. So you can bet this year will be bigger and better than ever. As in years past we will have 4-5 posts at the start of this thread that will have all the information one will need to have a great weekend with us.

The event takes place on the infamous stretch of road better known as the Tail of the Dragon. Nestled along the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina, this eleven mile stretch of road features three hundred and eighteen turns to test both car and driver.
The annual "Deal's Gap Meet", which is better known as DGM by the organizers and participants, is actually centered around the ample supply of accommodations and attractions in Gatlinburg, Tennessee where all of the activities take place aside from the Saturday cruise to Deal's Gap.

***Everyone is responsible for their own lodging***
A popular option is getting a group together and getting a cabin as once its divided between all the people its as cheap or cheaper than a hotel room.

Disclaimer: Any form of hooniganism will not be tolerated. This is a very friendly gathering. There is almost a family gathering nature to it. We are out there representing not only ourselves, but everyone at and the Subaru nameplate in general. So as long as everyone can abide by that one simple rule we will all enjoy ourselves. This is a public road, so we ask that you try to abide by all the local traffic laws. Know your limits and drive within it, your error in judgement could ruin more than just your own day.

Also if you have close friends that wish to join but are not attending in a Subaru Forester they are welcome. Our only rule is that if they attend in a vehicle other than a Forester they are not eligible for any prizes at the dinner as that is something we continue to keep "Forester Specific" in the spirit of the event. If you bring a co-pilot in your Forester, they are eligible for a prize. We have had many non-Foresters in the past, everything from WRX's, and Volkswagon Golf's, to a Ferrari 458. We're like a big family and won't turn anybody away if they treat us the same way.

So here is the list of attendee's for DGM'16:

1: Tuned200 & PamCakes
2: Duderotomy & family
3: arcadetom
4: problemcat13
5: Ozark08 & friends
6: Atta_girl & Vanatta251
7: Nitrofan1 & wife
8: FL Fozzy
9: amalgrover
10: zombieforce
11: Shansen
12: forester06x
13: Apey
14: koretex
15: P.Szuflita
16: BobUSCG & wife
17: FXTerrific
18: Autobahngirl
19: NC Native
20: Bansheeboy11
21: sooblover
22: KCEE
23: yelnats_J
24: WumpusXT

1: boarder81
2: Trikster04
3: Josh_M
4: BigOtuna
5: phmancus

Facebook Event page: 2016 Subaru Forester Deal's Gap Meet | Facebook
Social Media Tag: #DGM16

Check below for posts about T-shirt info, itinerary, and any other important info.

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2016 Itinerary:

Saturday, May 21st, 2016
START (Group Photo)

Fontana Dam - 10:30am
Be sure to meet at the UPPER parking lot at the dam for the group photo. Killboy himself will we taking a group photo at 11:00am sharp so be there before then if you want to be a part of it. Don't be late!

THE DRAGON (Number of passes varies)

US129 - 12:00pm NOON
The group is free to do as many passes of the dragon as they wish during the allotted time period once they leave Fontana Dam following group photos.

DINNER CRUISE (Regrouping point)

Chilhowee Lake - 3:30pm
Those wishing to attend the group dinner are required to meet at the gravel parking area just north of the dragon (starting point from previous years)
The group leaves this spot at 4:00pm sharp with or without you.

REFUELING STOP (Secondary regrouping point)

Townsend, TN - 4:40pm
Those who may have missed the Dinner Cruise departure from Chilhowee Lake can rejoin the group during a post-dragon refuelling stop (SHELL)
The group leaves this spot at 5:00pm sharp with or without you.

DINNER (Food & Raffle)

Cherokee Grill & Steakhouse, Gatlinburg TN - 6:00pm
This is where everybody gets a chance to relax and unwind after the day's events.
The event raffle drawing will take place at this stop.
The restaurant menu is available for viewing online HERE

Every vehicle will be given a copy of the post-dragon itinerary (attached below) upon their arrival at the top of Fontana Dam in the morning. This is to provide all vehicles with an outline of the intended route to be taken to the group dinner as well as the time-frame for specific stops for those who might have missed the group's departure. The itinerary includes GPS coordinates for those who wish to use them.

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016
DGM Domo Cup (Go-Karting)

Xtreme Racing Center - Pigeon Forge, TN - 10:00am
The third annual go-kart championship series for those wishing to participate. The winner will get their name on the Domo Cup trophy. Racing will start at 10:30am sharp, competitors will pay their entry fees on site. Entry at this time of day is $19.99+tax.
The racing will be done in a Time Attack format, so racers don't need to be the overall race winner since the fastest combined lap times will determine the Cup winner.
The facilities at Xtreme Racing Center has electronic lap timing capabilities. This electronic timing system will be used to establish each racer's top lap times in two separate races. The top combined time of the two races will determine the overall winner, not their finishing position on-track.
The two races will use different karts on the same track, but the course direction is reversed for the second race. This setup keeps the odds more even, and should somebody excel in one direction versus another they may not score the fastest combined time should somebody set a better pace in one or more races.
Last year the margin of victory was 0.009 seconds.
In the event of a tie the driver's second fastest lap times will be used to calculate their combined time.
Currently the karting is planned to take place at Xtreme Racing Center of Pigeon Forge which requires helmet usage during "Xtreme Track" races. If you wish to use your own DOT approved helmet then it is recommended that you bring it with you. Also, open toed shoes are NOT permitted on track. Please wear appropriate clothing.

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Announcement time! Attached is a sample of what the 2016 Deals Gap Meet official event T shirt front will look like. Craig has worked hard to put together such a unique design for 2016!
This year's T-shirt will be dark gray in color.

T-shirt sales are now CLOSED!
Small - XL $18
2XL - 3XL. $20
4XL to 5 XL. $21.​

All shirts will be available to be picked up at Fontana Dam on May 21.
If you do not pick up your shirt or cannot attend but would like a shirt, we will offer shipping for $6 additional per shirt.

Orders are now closed.
Payment will be required in advanced. All payments need to include any and all fees. PayPal is tuned200 at gmail . Com Be sure to include your name, shirt size(s) and screen name with your payment.

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We start planning early so that everyone has the best opportunity to get the required time off from their employers, and to make the appropriate lodging arrangements.


Deal's Gap Webcam Image:

Foothills Parkway Webcam Image:

Friday, May 20th, 2016:
  • Mostly Cloudy w/Showers
  • 72°/58°
  • 80% chance of rain
  • UV index: 4
Saturday, May 21st, 2016:
  • Partly Cloudy w/Possible AM Showers
  • 74°/52°
  • 50% chance of rain
  • UV index: 6
Sunday, May 22nd, 2016:
  • Sunny w/Mixed Clouds
  • 76°/52°
  • 20% chance of rain
  • UV index: 8
Monday, May 23rd, 2016:
  • Sunny
  • 80°/53°
  • 10% chance of rain
  • UV index: 9
updated 2016-05-19 13:48 EST

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Sweet! Seth and I will be coming again! Can't wait to see you all again!

PS- Is there anything I can help with? Id gladly help out with whatever I can!

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I'll be trekking out again this year from Colorado, but instead of flying in and riding passenger, I'll be making the long drive in my hybrid STI swapped Foz!
If you feel like cutting south a bit early, I should have a small convoy (maybe 3 or 4 cars) driving from Arkansas starting early Friday. Free place to crash if you want to make it a 2-day drive :)

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T-shirt time. This year, Craig B, aka @subie502 will be designing the shirt. Craig owns Rotten Collective and is an amazing artist and designer. Some of his part work includes designing the graphics we used on The Gray Goose for the Rally North America OV700 back in October 2015.

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Reserving the house for that weekend, so excited!!! If we end up having extra room I'll post it up. Had an awesome group last year and can hardly wait for MAY!!!!
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