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Dealer installed addons

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The last time I bought a new car was in 2007. At that time, after the deal was made, they would escort you over to the guy in the back corner who would try desperately to coax you into buying an alarm, lojack, Body side molding, mats , seat cover etc.. I read this was how they make a lot of money on these addons. It was hard to get out the door without buying at least one thing extra.

Now, I notice a lot of cars already have a lot of these things installed by the dealer, before they are even sold. Some have body side molding, some have trunk covers etc.. Is this the new way to force people into buying these extra goodies, instead of the guy in the back corner? The only alternative from what I see ,is to refuse this extras and have to wait a long time to get one stock, or hope the dealer will just offer the extras at no extra charge if you dont want them. Has anyone had any experence dealing with these extra goodies.

BTW, It turns out, with the Forester, I do want a few of these extras, but I dont want to let the ealer know that yet. Hoping I can get a few things thrown in. I pick mine up sometime next week, but since its coming in from another dealer in another state, neither I nor the dealer Im working with, knows what may already have been installed.

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What could you gain? Sometimes you can use them as leverage if you (or the dealer) really want to move the vehicle sitting in front of you, rather than waiting for another one to come by that's optioned the way you want. You could say something like "I really like this vehicle, but I really don't want to pay the extra $500 for that (accessory)." and then follow that with either a "Can you take it off and remove the $500 charge?" or "I guess I'll visit (other dealer) and see if they have the vehicle configured without it". The dealer would try to follow up with "well, let's get you one configured just the way you like" if they have the inventory, but if they don't, and knowing they can't just "take it off", their options are either to let you walk away from a sale, or negotiate down the equivalent cost, e.g. throw them in for free.
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