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1998 Forester S 5-speed manual
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Recently acquired a high-mileage (300k+) '98 5MT, and while rooting around in the back looking for all the different places the car has been rattling, found the previous owner had left me some parts. Along with an inner tie rod (which I didn't know I needed, have to look into that) there was also a set of two DEA brand motor mounts and a transmission mount.

Not gonna lie, the way the thing shudders I'm certain new mounts are paramount, but I can't find much info on the quality of these mounts, other than one guy saying the studs weren't the same thread as OEM. But hey - free mounts.

So I'm wondering, should I get all greasy spending hours cursing and doing damage to myself to install free mounts that might suck, or spend the $ and get a set with a better reputation? I have to figure anything's better than what I have now, but I'd love to hear if anyone's got a positive thing to say about DEA.

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