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Damaged cargo mat. need advice.

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I got a rear cargo mat from a buddy, but it was left outside for a while and is now all warped, I guess it was left on uneven ground with something heavy on top of it.

Is there any way to get the warped sections to reform in the correct shape?
anybody ever done anything like this? would leaving it in the sun help?
I tried searching the forum but wasn't able to turn anything up, so any advice would be very much appreciated! :monkey_dance:
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As well as laying it out in the warm sun, maybe a good soaking with some kind of plastic/vinyl conditioner?
When we got our foz I though it would be great to hit the cargo liner with some 303, or Meg #40.. ended up nice and shiny, but stuff slipped and squeeked around forever back there...

In the early 90's I had a Thunderbird with a nice leather interior. Well, I wanted to make sure I took good care of it. Hit it with leather cleaner and then conditioner at least weekly.

When I had passengers they were always complaining how the leather was so soft and smooth they had trouble staying in their seats and keeping their butts planted during corners and braking:biggrin:

Still, I do conditioner my cargo liner on top only. I usually go over it again with another clean cloth and slippage has never really been an issue

Good tip on the heat gun. Will certainly fix the problem
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