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Hey team! I am new here because I can't find any information online. Maybe someone has experience..... I have a 2005 forester, 2.5x. I had smoke under the hood after going uphill fast. We found the cv boot was leaking and spitting oil/grease all over the exhaust part right behind the engine (what is that part called??)
Now I went up the hill again, maybe less smoke but still the exhaust part visibly hot and smoking. No sign of liquid spill though. Just the smell bit less intense and smoke.
Is it because the part does -even not visble- still have some oil on/in it from the leak? Or could it be something else now? Maybe that part is complete garbage now after being leaking on too long? Just got the car and the girl told me the smoke would be normal. So I guess this was was going on for a while... 😒
Any ideas?
Everything is appreciated.
Thanks, Mel
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