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"Cut-outs"in the carpet - SOLVED!

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We've had the 2019 Forester for 4 days now and are enjoying it. One small thing -- I'm quite tall so I have to set the driver's seat all the way back. If you do this you find there are two small cut-outs in the carpeting. Dealer tells me they are quite normal and are there to help fix the studs that keep the removable mat in place. Never seen anything quite like this before. I've told the dealer to suggest to the folks back in Tokyo that they should at least find a way to velcro the cut-outs back down!


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@jimweibo there's this thread: Hole in carpet stapled shut - what is this for? - SOLVED!

I was going to merge your thread with that one, but since you already know why those are there & want to dress them up, I'll leave your thread here... for now. :wink:


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Existing thread is about an odd patch on the passenger side -- my car has that too! My post is about the driver's side -- and the cut-outs are not stapled! I won't be offended in the least if you merge the threads as I think quite a lot of people may be wondering about this.
@jimweibo we can discuss this here for now. :wink:

Perhaps there are different "cutouts" for different models? Take a look at the pictures on this post.

On this thread the conclusion was that the VIN number was located under the carpet flap. If that was the case, why would you need more than one access flap? :confused:

You can see flap lifted to show the VIN number on this post.


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The driver's side cutouts are there to accommodate two flat pieces of metal that connect to the studs in the floor that anchor the driver's floor mat. Can't help thinking there must be a better way to do it, but if that's the worst thing I ever find to gripe about, I'll be very happy! Jim
@jimweibo very strange that these cutouts are not on every 2019, as you can see on the link in my previous posts? :confused:

I'll add "SOLVED!" to your thread title, as you know why they are there. :wink:


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Notice the cutout as well on my 2019 Touring. Kind of amazed usually a top of the line vehicle should be a bit more finished looking?
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I agree. We have the same cutout as shown in the OP. Ours is a 3 week old 2019 Forester Touring model.

I also agree with jimweibo. If this is the biggest problem that we have with the vehicle we will also be very happy.
I was starting to wonder if there was some weird Canadian regulation that somehow made these cut-outs a requirement, but as people posting from the US have the same issue, that can't be the case.
I can see the need for a "flap" for access to the stamped chassis VIN, but it does seem like an "overkill" to have those for floor mat posts? :confused:

I did read where some members have touched up the edges of the carpet, around the cutout, to make them less noticeable.


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There are also flaps on the side of each seat ,on our 2019 touring, that my phone charging cord keep getting caught on. Center side of each seat. These flaps are ridiculous and look cheap as hell.
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