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Ah crap.. I'm back with my 05 XS
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My '03-'04 N/A shop manual says 90A. I looked on the '03 alternator, but there's no amp rating. :confused:

If it's 70A, I'll have to consider upgrading it. :wink:


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Weird! According to opposedforces, the 03's PN shows the older alt, which was reported as 75 amp! 05 is where the change to the new PN alt (supposedly, the 90 amp, same as STI up to 06) is shown. Eh I should know not to trust PNs I guess.. I found my PNs don't match what I have on my brake system.

So.. we all really have 90A alts from 03 up? Huh... The one Silke took off her car was supposedly the 75 amp on an 04, but her PN matches yours... I am so confuzzled!

You're right.. the mitsubishi PN for the xx370 alternator is A2TB2891 = 90 amp OE alternator.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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