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06 FXT-6MT happening
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Need some guru help here please.
I had the 05 STi rack in hand already from my WRX-STi swap I did a couple years ago.

I just recently purchased a cross member from a friend who was not sure what year STi it came out of, but thought it was from a 2005.
As you can see in the pics below, I had the cross member powder coated along with a TON of other stuff preparing for the 2007 STi driveline swap into my FXT.

Upon closer inspection after mounting the steering rack using whiteline rack bushings, it appears there are some gap issues on the passenger side (round) bushing.

If you look at the other pic you can see where i have highlighted the gap I am concerned about.

What I am unsure of, is on the crossmember, is the support stand off for the rack supposed to be a full radius which mirrors the diameter of the rack itself? Or do all crossmembers have more of a rounded rectangle support stand off?

Have a look at these pics and let me know what you think.
The rack fits nicely in place, and appears to be solidly mounted with no strange movement, or looseness, but I do not like the gap between the bushing and the stand off, nor the bushing and the rack itself.

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