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Our 2017 Forester has a crack in the windshield.
It developed out of no where. Car was parked in garage. Just there one day. No rock hitting it or impact of any kind that we can see.
It is on the very bottom of the passenger side and is about 6 inches. it looks like it is inside the glass, like a stress fracture.
Has anyone ever experienced this? We have never experienced this in any other car we have owned over the year. and we are not very happy. This shouldn't happen, I thought quality of the Forester would be better.
Would this be covered under any warranty- it doesn't seem right if the windshield develops a crack for no reason.
I understand that some Subaru models did have this problem in the past and it was covered.
Has anyone had anything like this happen?

we had the car checked out and there is a microscopic chip under the wiper where we were told something hit. so very tiny-
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