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I know you've already been through this, but....

I think it's time to do another inspection as I'm sure you have already done. If you have access to some car ramps, that will be safer than jacks in my opinion, when checking underneath with a flashlight. Having the under pan off as you do will help look quickly.

If you have one of those extendable mirrors (auto part stores) that'll be great. You can also use a handeld mirror and flashlight to examine under the (hate to say) cylinder heads (do it with the engine cold!). Hold the mirror and shine the light to illuminate under the heads, check the back as well, you can also use the mirror and light trick to check other hard to reach/see areas.

Quite often most water pumps have a weep (?) hole that when a gasket or pump starts to fail, coolant will come out of there. With all the air movement the fans provide under the hood and while driving, the vortexes of air may be moving the coolant around, so have a good look at the water pump housing. Is there any trail of coolant further under the engine or car?

Have a good look around the radiator, maybe wash around what is visable, there are more than a few people who have replaced cracked rads. Where they are prone to crack I do not know, hopefully someone who has, will chime in.

Just some more trouble-shooting ideas I'm afraid.
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