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Coolant by pass lines - 2014 vs. 2015?

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Hello I’m new to the forum. I’m in Lincoln City Oregon.

I just bought a 2014 Forester on EBay that is needing some help. I hope I can save doing things twice by asking questions first.

I bought a 2015 engine from LKQ for my 2014 oil burning Forester 6 speed. What is the second coolant by pass hose on the passenger side for. My engine only has the one on the drivers side. Is this line for an automatic mine is a 6 speed. I figured it was that or for a rear heater. Can I just cap it off?

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Welcome to the forums @Nebnikle,

Did the motor come with a flywheel or torque plate? That would help determine if from an AT or manual transmission...



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