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Continental PureContact DWS Review

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Bare with me. I drove a Jeep Cherokee for 10 years before getting my Forester last year so my knowledge of tires has been mostly limited to A/T tires. I've never done a tire review either...

I purchased these tires about 8,000 miles ago at 71K as a replacement for the stock Geolandar G900's. I spent probably close to 2 months researching the hell out of new tires that fit within my budget, suited my needs, and had good reviews. I finally settled on the Continental PureContact DWS.

The wet traction by far is the best feature of this tire. It has excellent grip in all situations, whether in a light rain or downpour, which is mostly what I bought these tires for in the first place. I have never felt unsafe in any rainy conditions with these tires.

The sidewalls feel weak and soft when taking a corner at around 40, but they have yet to let me down as far as traction goes. I always feel like they are going to let go but they never do.

These tires drift and wander on the highway, which is one of my major complaints about these tires. You almost have to work to keep these tires between the lines. It's almost as if they are "over-responsive."

The ride/quietness of this tire is a major letdown and the thing I find most disappointing. They are no better than the stock Geolandar's. You feel every bump and hear it also.

Ride/quietness 2/5 (poor)
Steering response 3/5 (ok)
Directional stability 3/5 (ok)
High speed stability 3/5 (ok)
Dry Grip 4/5 (good)
Wet grip 5/5 (excellent)
Tread Life 5/5 (excellent so far)
Overall 3/5 (Average)

I would not buy these tires again or recommend them for the price I paid (around $630 w/ tax m & b). As a matter of fact, I am replacing them at the beginning of next year with what I really wanted, Yokohama Geolandar AT/S.
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