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Hi y'all,

I have a 2009 Forester and am trying to decide between Continental Control Contact Tour A/S Plus and Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus for my new set of four tires.

Continental Control Contact Tour A/S Plus - Discount Tire at $634 w/install (there's a $70 rebate)
Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus - Costco at $646 w/install (there's a $150 off deal)
(costco also has the ecopia H/L 422 plus, but I've read that the EP422 is a better option?)

I'm driving a mix of city and highway, in Texas, not an aggressive driver. Occasional road trips to Colorado/NM so possibility of light snow, and occasional road trips with non-paved roads (park roads, forest roads).

Would love to hear opinions if you've driven with either/both of these. Many thanks for your input!
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