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Confirmation of jack points for 2018 XT

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I looked at the technical forums and wasn't sure which forum to put this question in, so I'll try here.

I had a 2007 XS and the front jack point was pretty beefy, and had a bump that fit nicely into the cup on my floor jack. The rear diff case fit, body and cover, into the cup on the floor jack. No problem.

I now have a 2018 XT and want to confirm the jack points before I put the winter tires on.

Where the 2007 front jack point was, the 2018 has a flat panel that doesn't look all that structural, and I'm not sure it's strong enough to use for a jack point. Is this the jack point (see picture)? If it is, I can just throw a puck into the cup on the floor jack and use this point. Without the puck, or a piece of 2x4 or something, the edges of the cup might scratch that panel.

The 2018 rear diff case looks much longer than the 2007 one. We still jack up the diff case right? I wouldn't jack up just the cover of the diff case, but it looks like the rear edge of the case is aligned with the cover, so if I jack up just that area with the cup of the jack, I should be fine, right? Otherwise, should I use B or C?

I changed the oil in this car the other day and it's so awesome, compared to changing it on the 2007. When I took the filter off of the 2007, I always got oil all over my forearm and it splashed everywhere and I had a lot of stuff to wipe down. For the 2018, I didn't even have to jack the car up! AWESOME.

Anyway, my questions are about the jack points. I did do a bunch of searches in the forums but all the diagrams etc were for the older front jack point with the bump, and the older rear diff with the short case. If someone could confirm these jack points, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!


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yes to the front spot, 'B' in your rear picture
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