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Pioneer DEH-4150UB head unit install in non-navi MY09 w/pics & many links

i held off on changing the HU for a while. but i knew from the Impreza, that the 6cd oem HU just had to go. the Forester came with oem tweeters and the odd shaped sub.

so in deciding on the new HU i gradually realised i wanted
- to hook the oem sub to the new HU for the time being. so preferred dedicated sub output in the new HU.
- the option of maybe later replacing the oem door speakers with amped aftermarket speakers. so really preferred 6 rca outs - 2 front, 2 rear, and 2 sub.
- to keep the steering wheel controls
- a separate gps. so gps not required. i plan to just change my gps unit every 3-4 years.
- therefore only need single din really. then i can have another pocket up in the centre console.
- would prefer a rear USB, with the cable fed into the glove box
- dimmed brightness on the HU at night, as it's going to be up high on the dash
- wanted good value for money
- wanted to stick to Alpine, Pioneer and Kenwood. a bit of brand loyalty from being happy with these in the past.
- ipod and BT not required. prefer to run straight off a permanently plugged in USB.
- prefer a local Aussie buy in case i have any warranty issue.

so with these in mind, after a bit of looking around, stumbled across the Pioneer DEH-P4150UB at my local WOW store, RRP of A$449 reduced to $249 - perfect. had all intentions of installing myself, but after speaking with their installer for a little bit on a Sat morning when he wasn't busy, as he'd had a big install cancelled at the last minute, i got impatient (one of the rare moments in my usually patient life - we were going away, involving a big drive, that afternoon) and paid the dough to have him install it - beauty! i knew that i wouldn't have the SWC and the fascia for a little while, until i sorted that out. he said he'd have a look at connecting up the oem sub. he did a good job with the install, splicing into the wires behind the car harness. he figured out the right wire to connect the dimmer to. he couldn't figure out how to do the sub. so i thought, ah well, i'm going to have to finish this off.

so, after getting the car home, i realised my AM reception was lousy. had a look and realised the Power Antenna wasn't connected. that was an easy fix. then looked closely at the other wires - all good, except the speakers were all out of phase :huh: ah well, no great harm, just a bit of a pain, though i knew i'd correct it when i did the SWC and research on the sub, to install it.

so here's my other references used
- Cuddles - the initial inspirer and collator. great dash pulling apart pics and info in posts 1 and 2.
- SVXdc's Subaru 20pin radio harness instructions and 20 pin pinout information
- SVXdc's sub and aux pinout info at NASOIC
- dpm's posted MY09/10 audio wiring diagrams. in particular audio2.pdf was very helpful for me. wire colour codes here.
- SVXdc's Metra Axxess ASWC install instructions
- for the dash fascia i ended up using the Scosche 2027B kit from Sonic Electronix. i would've preferred to use a JDM fascia, but they don't come in the Subaru kitsch "wood grain" finish. i couldn't use the Metra 95-8902 without having to buy the extra one din pocket. i had to drill two 5mm holes in the side supports of the Scosche to mount the pocket in the top location, as it comes predrilled to only fit in the bottom position.
- also of interest may be subyeh's Kenwood KSC-SW10 powered subwoofer install onto non-navi unit. plenty of pics on running wires (not needed unless you later do an amp install).

if you do go ahead and upgrade your HU (which is fairly easy to do) and don't buy your forward wiring harness and the Metra Axxess ASWC from SVXdc, well... you've got rocks in your head :crazy: . it makes it so easy. as well, his wiring harness seems to be the only one with the SWC wires included.

while you're at it, remove the cubby light cover (2nd pic) to give yourself more light at night in that recess.

in installing the plastic Scosche fascia, i had to connect the ground wire that was attached to the metal side supports of the HU, straight to the cover of the head unit. i just made up an extra wire with a male spade connector at one end (to plug into the female spade connector's ground) and a ring connector at the other, screwing the ring connector below an already existing screw in the back of the metal radio cover.

i'm very happy with the sound, even with the stock speakers. the HU has 22wRMS, a parametric eq, and a high and low pass filter. this make tuning the sound easier. so i'll keep the speakers for the time being, though after a reasonable amount of time spent listening to speakers in shops i've found that i really like the clear, tight sound in the highs and mids of the JL Audios. they suit what i like to hear in my music. being in Oz, unlike in the USA, it's just a little harder to come across these at a good value price. i'm just waiting for Sonic Electronix to start carrying the new JL Audio XD range of amps. then i think i'll get serious with some C2-600 for the front and C2-600x for the rear.

though i haven't been a big remote user in the past, i'm finding with the Pioneer remote being so small and flat that i leave it in the centre ipod tray (sitting on top of the forward cup holder in the centre console) and i use it a lot more than i expected to. i'm also finding it easy to use to search for songs.

and here's the pics - there, so it did happen :bananapartyhat: . and on top of the dash you can just make out my nifty gps mount.


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