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Common problems, need your help - FAQ!

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I notice so many posts asking the same questions. I thought it would be really beneficial to start a thread that will contain common problems and solutions to the new and old Forester owners. All in one place.

Since this forum is read-only, please PM a mod or admin with any common problems you have noticed, and include a link to a thread that does a good job covering the issue. We'll take it from there.

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Common problem

Turbo Questions
What does this acronym mean?
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Suspension questions

I want to turn better!
General ownership questions

Who is this Jackie person I keep hearing about?
Jackie is the Internet Sales person in the parts department at Annapolis Subaru, one of our supporting vendors. She has established herself as a genuine friend of our forum. Give her a call (866 509-3019 toll free) and she'll sort out any parts problem you might have, give you a great price, and get the parts on their way to you right away. Be sure to tell her that you're one of us.

General Forester Info

Break-In Procedure

Synthetic Oil?

How often do I change the oil?

Ticking/Tapping noise from engine

P0420 - Catalytic Converter Efficiency Below Threshold

Any tranny questions

My Car is Lurching

Check Engine Light and Flashing Cruise light

Hill Holder?
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