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Common choice on tires

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The Foz STi has arrived with some pirreli p7 which I think are a part of the issue with the cars tendency to understeer and the steering to feel a little light/loose so think a starting point would be to fit a fresh set of tires all round.

So what are people running?
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Mine , ive been told is capable of 170mph . better safe than sorry I call it future proofing.
just a cautionary tale ive had 2 punctures (be them slow ones) in the last 18months .
Reinforced, higher load tyres tend to be heavier, louder and harder, so worse on fuel and give a firmer, louder ride. They do last longer though and probably a bit more resistant to damage having more mass and being firmer.

You planning for a future of driving around at 170mph on two wheels or something?? :lol::lol::biggrin:
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mine are not xl s
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