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Common choice on tires

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The Foz STi has arrived with some pirreli p7 which I think are a part of the issue with the cars tendency to understeer and the steering to feel a little light/loose so think a starting point would be to fit a fresh set of tires all round.

So what are people running?
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I might need to do this too, I was pleased that the place I got the car fitted Bridgestone Potenzas but man they are so noisy I thought. Upon closer inspection they have the dreaded letters "RFT" on them... :shake:

So yeah, it has runflat tyres which not only are noisy as sh*t, but make for a hard ride too. The worst part is as the car is not fitted with tyre pressure sensors like RFT cars generally are. I will be having to constantly keep an eye on the tyre pressures incase I get a puncture as there is no warning.

I have Dunlop blue sport response on the mazda which are great in the wet and very quiet, I would maybe opt for the Sport Maxx RT2s on the fSTi. Everyone raves about Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2's but having driven on the non Asymmetric's years ago on a previous car and I found them very squishy and felt the tread roll and meant there was usually initial nervous turn in and under-steer. They have probably sorted that now so probably worth a try.

The tyres I've enjoyed the most were Yokohama AD08Rs, brilliant on the track and dry road, even in cold (above 5C) weather but sketchy in standing water, been in plenty of R888 equipped cars and they are also mega in the dry.

Really there isn't much in it between most of the top brands main "all round/season" tyre so look for a decent deal, if you really want something specific in terms of performance (ie. dry or wet specific) then prepare to compromise in certain areas.
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Load index and speed rating is the maximum speed at which each tyre can carry a load. So unless each tyre needs to support 750kg at 186mph then do you really need a 98Y?

A fSTi weighs what 1500kg and has a top speed of what 140-155mph? Lets say the forester was 50/50 front to back your looking at 375kg per corner, a 98Y would allow you to carry the entire cars body weight plus another one on top...

Okay so lets say your hitting a corner at 186mph with two concrete filled washing machines in the boot and the car is leaning heavily on one side of the car throughout the turn, then maybe you should be thinking "maybe I should have gone with the 98Y XL's..." :lol::lol::lol:

Anything from 91V (150mph/615kg) upwards will be absolutely fine.
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Mine , ive been told is capable of 170mph . better safe than sorry I call it future proofing.
just a cautionary tale ive had 2 punctures (be them slow ones) in the last 18months .
Reinforced, higher load tyres tend to be heavier, louder and harder, so worse on fuel and give a firmer, louder ride. They do last longer though and probably a bit more resistant to damage having more mass and being firmer.

You planning for a future of driving around at 170mph on two wheels or something?? :lol::lol::biggrin:
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