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Common choice on tires

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The Foz STi has arrived with some pirreli p7 which I think are a part of the issue with the cars tendency to understeer and the steering to feel a little light/loose so think a starting point would be to fit a fresh set of tires all round.

So what are people running?
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Cheers for all the feedback. Goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric 3 and piolet sport 4 seem to be the common ones to go for.

Can someone confirm the correct size tire? And has anyone opted for something a little different
Cheers mate I'll take a look. Camber settings are all standard same as the suspension. Before uprating anything I thought it best to start with the tires as I'm not to sure the tires I've got fitted are doing any good.
The Goodyear asymmetric 3's are coming in just on £100 a corner which I didn't think was to bad.
225/45/18, how about speed and load rating do I need Y's and XL's?
ive got y s on mine think from memory their rated to 180mph ish

could be wrong ill check
Thanks mate, appreciate it.
yup definitely y 's
the only down side is their not great for fuel usage , but hell you got a Subaru if you were worried about that you would be on the green planet forum .
Thanks for that. I assume that due to the weight of the Foz a load rating of XL is also needed

Appreciate everyones help so far. Hoping that replacing the tires will help irradicate some of the light steering and understeer that the car is suffering from. After it'll be arb's and associated bits

Thanks again
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