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So, about two days ago the temperature in Fort Collins, Colorado dropped to -2 degrees F. Now I did a good bit of weather proofing my '99 Subaru Forester S preparing for the colder months to come. I have a remote start installed which I also use during this time as well. On this particular morning my car doesn't seem to want to start. I figured I had gelled gasoline and or possibly a weak battery so I treated the tank with some Heet treatment and added more gas to mix things up. I have around a 1/3 tank. I also used my roommates car to give me a little boost. At first, the engine turns over and cranks up for a split second (this being after installing new spark plug wires which I've checked multiple times to make sure they were installed correctly) and then it just turns over and will not start. I used a space heater and some blankets to warm up the engine bay to well above freezing and its still not starting. I've checked my coolant level (the car does use coolant) and topped things off, but its hard to tell if its full because i cant get the car to start. I've tried many times, turning the engine over and still nothing. Also, checked my fuel pressure after the fuel filter and I have pressure(not clogged), how much I don't know. I have yet to check my return line pressure because its just too damn cold for me working on this out in the driveway. I'm a little stumped as to what the problem could be. It sounds like its not getting fuel, But right when I initially try to start the car it runs for a split second. Ive tried starting fluid as well. Also, it backfires some while im trying to crank and when I disengage the key from the start position. Im also getting a P0348 Generic fan performance code. Could it be a sensor?

Any ideas? I'd be much appreciative.

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