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I know that this thread exists but Im not exactly sure on everything. Im looking to buy a set of used coilovers off a semi local guy. He says theyre 5x100 Subaru's. 02-07 WRX + 04 STi, he says the brand is Zeal Function. Im not really familiar with this brand or using a coilover made for one car on another. I have an 03 2.5x, theyre a pretty good deal so I dont want to miss out on them but I also dont want to waste money.

I appreciate the help guys.
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I appreciate that man, I believe they came off a bugeye impreza so all should be well. Im going to clean them up before the install and see whats what and go from there. My plan is to put those on and a set of oem LGT wheels and call it a day.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts