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Hello everyone, been lurking on here for a while, finally decided to register so I can participate on the site. I have lurked on half a dozen car sites and this one has to have some of the friendliest and most helpful people out there, along with a lot of great information.

My wife and I test drove a bunch of the cute utes yesterday and decided to get a Forester based a lot on how well it corners. I always thought the low center of gravity of Soobies had at least some marketing hype involved (especially by how tall the Forester looks now), but even from the passenger seat I could immediately tell it is 100% real. I could immediately feel the lower point of rotation over bumps (having been in the Tucson 10 minutes before and the CR-V 10 minutes later helped amplify the differences), feeling like a much lower car. Now there is some understeer and turn-in isn't too sharp (I attribute that to the geopillows), but I was able to sling it through some tight hairpins like we were in our Jetta, no tippy feel. Now I realize it's no track car, but having driven BoF trucks and SUVs in the twisties my whole life, this thing feels like a canyon carver to me. I was smiling just like people say "smiles per gallon...". :woohoo:

As far as the other cars we drove The Rogue was close but no cigar. While I didn't feel like it could roll easily it was a bit tippier and it had worse understeer, though the CVT was nice (smooth, quick after initial off-the-line loafiness, and was able to hold the sweet spot going up hills). The Tucson and CR-V were okay but didn't inspire any confidence in hard corners. The Tucson had a pretty small trunk area (mostly because of slanted hatch). The CR-V had the quietest interior and smoothest ride, but the 5 speed auto hunted just as much or more than the Forester's 4 speed on hills, and it felt like a [very] tall Civic in the twisties.

Anyway, we will be joining the ranks of Soobie owners soon... just trying to figure out if we want a 2010 or 2011.
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