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Hi all;
My silly Check Engine Light ("CEL") has been flashing like crazy for weeks now. The CEL sometimes clears itself, and then kicks in again. When I've called the dealership about the CEL, they just tell me to tighten the gas cap and drive around for a while.

I broke down and purchased an OBD-II reader (Actron PocketScan Plus) and plugged it in this morning. It reports 2 error codes: P2016 and "P2016 pd"
According to OBD-II DTC Database - Generic Powertrain Codes (P0xxx, P2xxx, P34xx - P39xx), code P2016 translates to "Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor/Switch Circuit Low". The Actron code reader categorizes this as an "orange" level problem on a scale of green-yellow-orange-red.
Is this a "boy, am I screwed" problem or more of a "meh"?

Thanks in advance
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