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Code p0011 and turbo cuts out.

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I have an 04 forester xt and is my first turbo engine. Sometimes while I am driving all of a sudden it will start whining when I try to accelerate. The car also will barely accelerate when this is happening. The computer is just giving me code p0011. I also have an older code p0420 that I cant solve with a fume smell in the cab. I have recently replaced both o2 sensors, battery, spark plugs, crankshaft position sensor, and I have the 2 camshaft position sensors but can't find where they go.

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Service info says to inspect and repair/replace where necessary:

1) engine oil (amount, contaminated)
2) clogged oil pipe
3) clogged/contaminated oil flow control solenoid valve
4) intake cam (damage and/or sludge)
5) timing belt off alignment

For the P0420, check the exhaust system for leaks (before and after the cats).

What is a good way to clean the oil pipe, control solenoid valve, and intake cam

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I have milky oil in the inter cooler and turbo. The turbo also has a turbine that is loose and the other one is wedged sideways in the turbo. So I need to find out how to clean the intercooler. Also I need a reference for a cheap but good turbo. I dont have the resources to get a brand-new one.

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What about a turbo rebuild kit and wastegate valve?

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