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Phil (BAC5.2) and I, as well as others, have debated this till we were both blue in the face. In the end we had to agree to disagree...

Here is the summation of my opinion...

AP, UTEC, and opensource tuning are all good options. Really, it comes down to what your tuner likes to use.

The most inexpensive and seemless of the options is opensource. My going rate right now is $100 a tune. One of the problems with opensource tuning though is that since it is so inexpensive to get into, everyone and their cousin does it. You run the risk that some backhill ******* that doesn't know his donkey from a hole in the ground will represent himself as a qualified tuner. So you have to do your due diligence...

With a UTEC or an AP, obviously, costs go up. Both are perfectly fine platforms on which to tune, and they have one advantage on switching.

Now, Phil and I got into a serious arguement in that he thinks opensource is unreliable and unable to support 600whp applications. I personally have never "bricked" an ECU, nor have a tuned a 600whp car. So, if you are working with a good tuner, I don't see reliability issues. And honestly, how many of us are driving 600whp cars?

I won't argue about whether it can or can't support this, because I haven't personally gone there yet. But I don't see anything in the way of getting there. You can rescale the MAP and install a 5 bar sensor. You can go to a bigger ID MAF tube. On the 02-03 ECU, you can go SD and get rid of the MAF completely. Anyhow, I'm rambling...To much information I'm sure for your question...
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