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I own a 2009 XS Premium and have owned it for 7 months.
I've taken it out 4wd twice in that time, and this last third time the clutch burnt out.

I was driving along a 4wd trail, when we came across a little daewoo which had been bogged. We needed to reverse out of the trail, for about a km, which we did, and then we were out on hard sand.

It was here that the car died.
I can change gears no problem, but the wheels don't turn at all.
So we were stranded for 4 hours in 46 degree heat near a country town.

I managed to get it towed to the only qualified dealer in that town, and they are currently fixing it.
They however are stating that they don't think it will be covered under new car warranty as forester's are made well, and clutches don't just burn out that soon in a car's life.
They reckon I must have been severely bogged in heavy sand conditions.
Not true.

Should this be covered? How much should I expect to pay?

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G'Day & Welcome.

That's bad luck! Clutches are not usually covered and proving that it failed prematurely is very difficult. Did you smell the clutch burning? I'm interested to know how you can change gears without a functioning clutch (assuming that the engine is running of course)?
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