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Clutch gone please help

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Hi guys

On my wifes SF5 S turbo (2000 plate)

the clutch has just started to slip

does anyone know what size I am after?? are there push and pull types or are they all the same??

If what I am reading on the forums previously is correct then this is what im after?

many thanks

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It looks like the one, but i'd wait for another confirmation before pressing the buy it now button.

Make sure this is a brand new item. The sellers feedback isn't quite as good as i would personally look for. I had an awful time with an ebay seller who was selling reconditioned exedy units, and ended up with one that was damaged, but which didn't come to light until after i had paid £300 to have it installed.
Good spot !! I have looked on euro car parts and they have them for the same price so will go with them I think
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