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I have been looking for some new wheels for the last few weeks and have pretty much decided on Rota's. Quite a few Board members seem to use them & feedback is good. They are also pretty cheap.

All wheels below are 5 x 100 - 48 Offset.

I looked at the Group Buys, (still running), on Scoobynet. There are 2 choices:

1. Genuine Rotas from Rare Rims, (yes, I know they are still a copy of other wheel designs) -

Several designs available, for example:

17" x 7.5" Rota Tarmacs £350 + £20 carriage for bare rims.
18" x 7.5" @ £380 + carriage

2. Copies of Rotas from Midland wheels,

Several designs, for example:

17" x 7" Tarmacs £325 + Free carriage for bare rims. Note: these are cheaper but 7" rim width only - not 7.5"

18" x 7.5" @ Guessing £350?

(Both Group Buy offers tyres as well but the profiles are selected for their main buyers - Impreza drivers. If you want 45 profile - the tyre price goes up a lot. Midland offer is for Toyo T1S - not T1R)

Just to confuse the issue, Midland Wheels are listing a couple of Rota branded 17" rim designs on Ebay. They are using the Rota name so I presume they are real Rotas, these wheels are also 7.5" width.

Details are:

Rota Torques 17x7.5" - £200 a set of 4 wheels!!!!

Rota GR-A (Tramac IIs) 17"x7.5" - £225 - set of 4!!!

Carriage is £15 a set

Only problem is - they are GOLD colour - still, at these prices - whadda you think - Gold rims on a Champagne Gold Opal Forester? (C.Gold Opal is a bit paler than the normal UK Forester gold colour) :)

Edit 18:30
Just come to my senses - they may be cheap but gold wheels on a gold car? I guess I will go for 18"x7.5" Subzeros in Gunmetal with polished lip - or possibly dark bronze GRA/Tarmac IIs.

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18"x7.5" Subzeros in Gunmetal with polished lip - or posibly dark bronze GRA/Tarmac IIs.
Sound like a good plan to me
gold on gold would be horrid IMHO

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I guess I will go for 18"x7.5" Subzeros in Gunmetal with polished lip

Got any photos of these?
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