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2005 2.5 XTEN
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Can anyone give some advice, i changed the plugs on my 2.5 xt today.
R/h side access still a little tight after removing the air filter assy, but ok.
L/h side after removing the battery etc, just not enough space.

I do have mars bar sized fingers but even so the clearance to remove the coil packs and then the plugs is not good. Never mind trying to refit the new plugs etc.

My question is do i need special tools or is there some way to create the space needed to make this an easier task. I do have 3/8 & 1/4 drive sockets etc.

If there is no easier way i'll have to bite the bullet and find a garage to do this next time. I don't think next door neighboor was too impressed as the tone in my voice got louder every time i banged my knuckles or dropped a spanner.

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