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Sheesh! The result will be that the city will invest thousands of tax payer dollars in an automated intelligent video system that will allow parking enforcement officers to simply drive the city streets to issue tickets. Of course the price of the ticket will just have to go up to pay for the system, right? The system is a hybrid of Google maps and traffic light cameras. It can crank out parking violations without even breathing hard or slowing down. Even the best parking enforcement officer can’t run 25 MPH! While the initial investment will be somewhat more expensive than a box of chalk, the rate that tickets can be issued will skyrocket. I bet that the parking scofflaw that brought the case will see her rate of getting tickets go right up with everyone else, maybe more so since she is such a frequent offender. I say that there is just a small bit of satisfaction from that.

The revenue from the tickets will make the city comptroller really happy — for a while anyway. As the rate of parking tickets goes up, shoppers will naturally be discouraged from shopping in the city. That is a score for Amazon, eh? As stores and local shops suffer another blow to their business and close, the city will receive less revenue. How’s that going to work out for you Ms. parking scofflaw? Do ‘ya really feel like you accomplished something good? If yes, for whom exactly?

I say phooey on it all! Leave it alone. I’m OK with a little chalk on my tire. It’s really not an intrusion.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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