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Hey everybody!:Banane35:
I'm forester-less right now, but I will be buying a new vehicle at some point before the end of this year. I am currently thinking of many cars in subaru's lineup including 2011 wrx, 20110-11 Foz XT, 2010-11 LGT (or H-6) version, and my GF is set on buying a new OB within a year or so. (haha I feel like a groupie.)

Currently I have a (now) slightly modded 95 miata (which I may keep with the fxt or whatever I end up getting) and a stock 2003 civic as my commuter car which I will be trading in for sure.

I've always wanted an 07-08 FSXT but was unable to swing it at the time. The legacy wagon would have been my next choice but unfortunately that won't happen in the US. I like the new SH's enough (visually and by specs as I have not yet driven one, although I have sat in and inspected everything in Subaru's 2010 lineup) that it is clearly my next in line.

Basically looking for a larger and more comfortable DD with some fun attached. I do like the fact that it comes auto for traffic considerations, and it definitely has some good size to it with cargo for dogs, sports equipment, bikes etc, and has decent light off-road capabilities.

Outside of Subaru's lineup I was thinking I wanted a truck(but X'd that for poor gas consumption), Xterra, or ridgeline. My gf has an 03 wrx she bought brand new in 02, and we love her car. It's been so reliable and damn fun ("stage 2":icon_confused:, wheels, and light suspension upgrades)

I do work on my cars myself and I swapped everything on the wrx(uppipe, turbo,dp,exhaust), as well as everything on my miata(previously had a DIY turbo setup on there with standalone megasquirt but removed it, now I am down to suspension, brakes, and chassis mods)

Anyway, long post, just introducing myself and hopefully soon I will have a nice FXT to share!
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