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I have a sick OZ down under 2003 forester manual 2.5 xs

1st march 2010 driving home from the hospital when I noticed that on deceleration between gears I heard a rattly metal noise. I drove 2k's home and then straight to my mechanic another 2ks away. Here are some pics of my viscous center diff (VCD) with the damaged circlip. The clip separated and got chewed up by the transfer shaft gears. The cost so far AUD $4600. I am looking for alternatives .

I am told that because I have 2 x bridgestones at the front and dunlops on the rear (all 215/60/16) is mostly to blame as different tyre makes have different rolling diameter measurements.

Does this mean that the centre diff is continually trying to compensate and can heat up and as speed is increased then the rolling diameter distance increases between the two tyre types? I bought the car in November 2009 with the two sets of tyres and is now out of statutory used car warranty? If this is the cause of the damage any help is welcome to build a civil case to retrieve costs from the car dealership. Will Subaru (the company) be able to shed some light on this issue I have.


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