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So what centre console finish ?

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So then, when the car was last serviced, the garage scratched the panel by the air vents.

So I've now got a complete spare from an XT.

So, having stripped it down ready to refurb, I now find myself wondering do I :

1. Have it carbon wrapped
2. Do matt black (like the oem STI)
3. Go gloss black
4. Do it body coloured (crystal grey mica 48W).

What do you reckon ?

I don't mind the standard finish, but it's strangely rubberised, and the stereo section of mine has gone strangely soft and tacky to the touch...odd.

Quite fancied gloss black, but not sure if that's a bit Audi-esque ?

Also wondered about body colour coded or carbon wrapped. Carbon wrapping is what I always imagined I'd do, but now I'm not sure :)

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I'm a fan of the OEM matt black.

I also have a scratched panel and know what you mean about the rubbery texture!
Looks like the vents are also rubbery too as they're slightly scratched on mine too.


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Just for reference I used the newer 3M 1080 wrap over the di-noc wrap,the 1080 has small channels in the adhesive which I think ,helps prevents air bubbles being trapped when applying it.

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