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2005 Forester XT SG 5MT
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Hi There!
I´m new to the subaru world and the forum is great to find all his related info.
A month ago i picked a cheap late(October) 05 forester 2.5 xt 5MT (230hp). Is running great so far idles like a rock, pulls great but it has some things, that i will describe, so maybe someone has had those problems and can help me out.
I have already done timing,belts, water pump, oil pump, brakes, both o2 sensors, filters and all fluids.

-Cruise control don´t work, it lights up at starts but besides that is dead.
-Heated seats don´t work. Fuses are ok. Buttons lights up but no heat. I will check for voltaje under the seat tomorrow.
-I have some randoms cuts when i accelerate hard. normally at 2.8-3.5 rpm range.
-Sometimes it looks more revolutions to start than others. Same cold as hot.
-Of course my sunroof is dead, but i don´t mind.

I have been reading here and NASIOC like a LOT about everything related to this car and engine, i understand that if there is a error code in the ECU the check engine light will light up and the cruise control will disconnect. So if i scan the car and found the famous codes for the secondary air pump, i understand the CEL light must light up. Well not in my case.
My car has the mod to bypass the valves, and i have already disabled all the codes and refreshing the ECU, all of this after what im about to say.
My CEL light only lights on start up and it won´t light up again not even with codes. I tried it unplugging the sensor in the intake, and starting the car, it runs bad, and no cel, but i get some codes of course. I plug my ECU scanner and there are the codes, but not the CEL light on.
So i understand someone blocked the ecu of something, but really want to be notified if something is bad with the car so i don´t blow it so soon. The question is how do i make it light again?

I have already dumped a mod ROM with all secondary pump codes disconnected to try solve the not working cruise control. Now i don't have any codes, but cruise control does´t work, it only lights up at startup.
Using Freessm i can see the following error on the cruise control tab: Cancel code 23: abnormally of sensors released to engine.

Thanks for your time guys

Cheers for Spain!
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