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My friend's 2010 Forester has 163,000 miles and was told she needs 2 new cat converters at over $2500 in parts. We live in CA and apparently aftermarket converters are illegal in this state. Her choices are to pay through the nose, take the car out of state for repairs, or trade in and give the problem to a dealer.
She reports no loss in power and no loss of gas mileage, so i'm wondering if the problem may be oxygen sensors.
She's on a fixed income and really can't afford any of the options except the sensors, but doesn't want to throw money away on a guess.
Can anyone help us figure out the best path? maybe junkyard converters?
Thanks in advance!

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@wadester999 I see this is your first forum post, so welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Is the CEL lit, if so, what codes are stored? :confused:

If no codes, it's possible the front O2 sensor, the A/F - air/fuel sensor is failing?

Assuming all the other Subaru recommended routine maintenance is up to date & the '10 has a lot of miles, perhaps the place to start would be to replace the front 02 sensor. :wink:

The Subaru engine works best with Denso O2 sensors. You can go here Deno Auto to find your part number. Once you have that, you can search the internet for the best prices. I've seen pretty good prices on Amazon with free shipping!

If you decide to replace the CATs & do your own wrenching, take a look on for aftermarket options.


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