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CarPlay disconnected after engine shut off

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Hi there,

Took the delivery of my new 2019 Forester last week and has been loving it! Though I have discovered an annoying issue: when I use CarPlay and when I shut my engine off after reaching destination, the CarPlay is automatically stopped and disconnected. The audio is switched to Radio... This is quite annoying as I would be fine if it just shuts off the entire audio but instead it starts playing radio...

Does this happen to anyone else? Is there a way to stop this from happening? Thanks in advance to any suggestions.

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This happens in mine and it bugs me too. It does seem like a bit of a rough edge and it’s surprising that they implemented it this way. Maybe a future firmware update could change this behavior?
@tobin Well a firmware patch could definitely correct this, but the question is whether Subaru will implement/correct.

According to several posts I read after posting here, it seems like this problem has existed since 2017 Impreza... So, no, I don't have hope that Subaru will correct this issue...

But! So far I noticed 2 possible solutions:
  • Plug an audio cable in AUX and select AUX, so when engine shuts off, it automatically goes back to AUX, which is slient
  • Select Serius XM channel 0, which has no audio, and works similarly to the above

I will try them tomorrow and hopefully one of them works on my car... cheers buddy.
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