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2004 XT Turbo 2.5 auto
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:frown2:Hi all, our XT turbo 2004 suddenly died whilst in motion, just lost power and we drifted off the road (gently). I need assistance trying to find out if the problem is a small, or a large problem. I have read through forum posts but i can't find a similar scenario.

Car started losing power, the 'at oil temp' light came on, temp gauge had shot to 100%. Coasted off the road, red exclamation sign came on/ handbrake light? Tried braking but brake pedal was hard and not happening (due to loss of power? - seems dangerous), used handbrake to stop.

Open bonnet, very hot and some frantic boiling bubbly noises, but no bangs or shatters etc throughout the drama. No obvious signs of damage, no leaks.

Checked engine oil, no reading on dipstick. It takes 1.5 litres before I get a dipstick reading! I'm a bit shocked as, if anything, I got bored checking the oil having had 2 foresters over 14 years - it would never want any - and yep it was overdue a service. I'm quite prepared to be crucified for that, but heck 1.5 litres! Can that be possible, or no warning light, or did it just drop a liter of oil in the road for the fun of it?
Radiator fluid was 5mm down and dry in the well, not enough to cause concern though.

Mechanic came, ran computer test, told me "the crankshaft sensor isn't resetting".
One of these codes I presume (thanks Scherman for the code list I found here)...

P0335 Crankshaft position sensor circuit malfunction
P0336 Crankshaft position sensor circuit range/performance problem
P0340 Camshaft position sensor circuit malfunction
P0341 Camshaft position sensor circuit range/performance problem

Now the garage has said it's the timing belt, and likely plenty of damage to the top of engine - like bye bye $2500+.

My research on this forum has shown me broken belts, ours is looking fine, but garage say it is not moving. But is that because the sensor will not allow the car to do anything whilst it's malfunctioning? Or is this a total mess due to my neglect?

Other threads with power cutouts mention everything from relays to fuel pump wiring being the problem, but those members didn't really have the problems I started with, however they do show that sometimes the fix can be simple. Could it be that the computer has said no, and the car won't fire up until it does. But I'd think the RACQ garage would know that?

Does anyone have any experience or best advice of what to do in this situation?
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